Provia Laboratories Reports Continued Record Enrollments for Store-a-Tooth Dental Stem Cell Technology – Digital Media Net

iStock_000008449882MediumGrace Century’s bio banking project, Provia Laboratories reported another record enrollment month in August for their dental stem cell storage system Store-a-tooth, they also gave a guidance of a 30% projected increase in enrollments for the Q3 vs 2014s third quarter.

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Record Enrollment Results for Store-a-Tooth™ – Yahoo! Finance News June 25th 2015

Grace Century’s bio banking project, Provia Laboratories, LLC has reported 47% quarterly growth in enrollments for their Store-a-Tooth™ cryogenic storage service of dental stem cells. The impressive figure represents a highest-ever recorded growth rate in enrollments for the pioneering technology, which enables stem cells to be stored for future therapeutic use. Read the story in…